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This link is forbidden, but not because of your niche…

A new article was published this past month in PLoS ONE by Elsa Canard and colleagues about how neutral dynamics can shape the structure of trophic networks. They note that simply by assuming that species are interacting at random, and … Continue reading

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Eco-evolutionary dynamics and food webs

A news article in Science about eco-evolutionary dynamics surrounding various alewife (Alosa pseudoharengus) populations caught my eye the other day. The idea of feedbacks between ecology and evolution has been around for quite some time, but the notion that they … Continue reading

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Future directions in the study of ecological networks

For the most part research into coevolution in ecological networks has studied the network in isolation. However, in nature the tangled bank analogy rules and communities involve mutualistic networks that are intricately interwoven into trophic interactions and other antagonistic networks … Continue reading

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Structure shapes interactions

Whether an ecological network is nested, compartmentalized, or asymmetric is clearly influenced by the developing coevolutionary interactions between species as the network grows. Through feedback, however, network structure determines the interactions that can and do occur as well as the … Continue reading

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Interactions shape network structure

Mutualistic networks provide an excellent example of how coevolutionary forces shape the structure of the network (Thompson 2005, Bascompte 2009). Two major properties of mutualistic networks that are believed to develop through coevolution are asymmetry and nestedness (Bascompte et al. … Continue reading

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Diffuse coevolution and the null model

The primary focus in ecological networks is on diffuse coevolution. The first issue is then to clarify what exactly is meant by that term. Strauss et al. (2005) have come up with three criteria, which have been modified from those … Continue reading

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Coevolution and ecological networks

Ehrlich and Raven in their 1964 study coined the term “coevolution” and since then it has grown into a topic of great interest for both evolutionary biologists and ecologists alike. Coevolution refers to the adaptation of one population or species … Continue reading

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