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When Networks Network – Science News

When Networks Network – Science News. This is an interesting article on a relatively new focus of network science. While a lot of research has been done on single networks, I think that it is important to now expand what … Continue reading

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Food web plotting in R

The past few weeks I have been getting into R to play around with network analysis. Primarily I have been using the package igraph to generate and plot networks (random and downloaded from various datasets). So far it has been … Continue reading

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A quote to be fond of

“No scientific theory is worth anything unless it enables us to predict something which is actually going on. Until that is done, theories are a mere game of words, and not such a good game as poetry.” – J. B. … Continue reading

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Eureka what a great idea! oh wait…

As I begin my academic career I find myself in a state of constantly reading papers. Of course, having a broad interest (often considered a good thing in academics) I always enjoy reading new papers that I find. The downside … Continue reading

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