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Two species predator prey systems with R

It has taken me entirely too long to learn how to use R to solve differential equations. Clearly, with my interest in modelling dynamics on food webs, being able to solve differential equations is critical. I had known about the … Continue reading

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LeaRning R with “Ecological Models and Data in R”

Last summer, I downloaded Ben Bolker’s textbook Ecological Models and Data in R because I wanted to become more proficient with my coding, and have a stronger base in the fundamentals. Of course, I have not yet managed to start … Continue reading

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A brief query for those who know more than I…

As I am visiting with the Bascompte Lab in Seville I find that I am truly just starting to appreciate what it means to begin to enter the world of using network tools to study ecological systems. While I have … Continue reading

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End of my first week in Seville

So I have now been visiting with the Bascompte Lab for about a week now. Jordi has been very helpful in discussing with me my research ideas and goals. He has also started to walk me through the basics of … Continue reading

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Back after a hiatus

Ok, so I am back after a hiatus that was a bit too long. I have been swamped with my latest project (which is unfortunately unrelated to most of my research) so my mind has not been on my own … Continue reading

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