LeaRning R with “Ecological Models and Data in R”

Last summer, I downloaded Ben Bolker’s textbook Ecological Models and Data in R because I wanted to become more proficient with my coding, and have a stronger base in the fundamentals. Of course, I have not yet managed to start working through it yet. Before I started reading Bolker’s textbook I discovered the igraph package and instead of going through the book I just started playing with data in igraph. I did learn a lot from working my way through the different functions in igraph, and there are some very useful forums on analyzing and visualizing networks with the igraph package (like this one).

More recently, however I have come back to the idea that I should work through the book. So I am going to write a series of posts about the book as I go through it chapter by chapter, highlighting the things I think are really useful and interesting.

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