LeaRning R – Chapter 1 done

I liked the first chapter of Ecological Models and Data in R. Most of it was not really relevant to what I am hoping to get out of the book, but then again it is just the introductory chapter. I will say, however, that the one part I really liked was his treatment of the three major viewpoints for statistics: frequentist, likelihood, and Bayesian.

Going over the way these three statistical viewpoints treat data and hypothesis testing, Bolker provides a simple example of data and a question. For each he then goes through:

A frequentist would…

A likelihood approach would…

A Bayesian would…

It was just a really nice introduction to the pros and cons of different statistical methods. There was also a good deal of “this is what you will need to continue with this book/use this book effectively.” I can’t wait to dive into the next chapters.

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