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Network basics with R and igraph (part I of III)

In this post I am going to go over some of the basics that I have learned about networks in R by using the igraph package. I originally intended to have this as a reference for myself, but decided to … Continue reading

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Wolves, moose, and genetics oh MY!

Science just published a news focus article titled: Are Isle Royale’s Wolves Chasing Extinction? This article is about how inbreeding (and perhaps climate change) is likely going to mean the decline and eventual extirpation of wolves on Isle Royale in … Continue reading

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Climate change, history, and stability of plant-pollinator networks [UPDATED]

A paper came out today in Ecography titled: “Historical climate-change influences modularity and nestedness of pollination networks.” The authors were interested in how past climate change (over the Quaternary) impacted the structure of plant-pollinator networks observed today. Specifically they were … Continue reading

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