On the horizon

I have not been posting to the blog as much as I would like. Most of my time has been consumed with getting a paper that is currently in review, two that are in different stages of “being written,” and trying to design a project or two to finish up my dissertation (the one I had in mind no longer seems feasible).

But that is not much of an excuse, and I would very much like to post regularly if only to keep honing my writing skills. So to that effect I plan on starting a weekly post where I review a random paper from my stash of papers. I have downloaded about 1500 papers over the last 3 years, and I have read or at least looked through around 900 of those. In the last year the number of papers I read per month has dramatically decreased. As I am sure many of you can commiserate, there is simply not enough time to keep up with all of the papers and do your own work. So this weekly post will serve multiple purposes for me; increase my weekly reading, increase my weekly writing, and forcing me to keep up with a blog. At the very least this kind of thing is something I can do in advance and keep a queue so that there will be some regularity to my posts.

I still plan on writing more R tutorials, and possibly start moving towards more about Python and Julia, since those are two other languages I would like to learn. So you can look forward to my sharing the pain of learning a new language that is almost painfully similar to the one I have become familiar with.

Also, keep an eye out for a few posts I am planning about a trip to Switzerland (my current location) where I attended a workshop about “Non-adaptive selection: explaining macroscopic laws in ecology and evolution,” as well as a few thoughts I have been having on going to scientific meetings and the peer review process.

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