A shiny new Rmarkdown for the win!

After a few weeks without using Rmarkdown, I recently went to use it for a new project I am working on where I am accumulating information on the numerous data sources out there for food webs and other ecological networks. I decided to use Rmarkdown because I see it as a great way to integrate text, code, and images in a single document. The last time I used markdown, I really liked the ease of creating plain markdown and html files, along with the option of using pandoc within R to convert to pdf.

Cut to the past few days and I have learned that Rmarkdown has gotten a great upgrade. Everything that it was good for previously, it is now even better at, and now there are so many awesome new options!

Popup menu for starting a new Rmarkdown project

Popup menu for starting a new Rmarkdown project

When you start a new Rmarkdown project you have the option of generating a plain document in either html, pdf, or word (word? really, that’s a little weird but still COOL!), or you can make html or pdf slides, set up a an interactive document or slides that can integrate shiny components, there is even an option to use custom templates. I have to say that the possibilities for this are very intriguing. There is no doubt in my mind that I am going to have some fun playing around with all the new things you can do with it.

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