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Playing with data

There is a very interesting dataset available on Mammalian Trophic Levels and Body Sizes that is available on figshare (click the link to go to the data). I would also link to the paper the data is from, Tucker and Rodgers … Continue reading

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A shiny new Rmarkdown for the win!

After a few weeks without using Rmarkdown, I recently went to use it for a new project I am working on where I am accumulating information on the numerous data sources out there for food webs and other ecological networks. … Continue reading

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Bug Zoo

Apparently in Victoria there is a miniature zoo dedicated to bugs, so naturally I had to go check it out. They had many different types of stick insects, as well as some stick insect like insects, a bunch of arachnids, … Continue reading

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A trip to Victoria, BC

This week I have found myself on a somewhat working vacation to the beautiful Victoria in Canada’s British Columbia. I say “somewhat working” because I am supposed to be working this week, but couldn’t pass up the opportunity for a … Continue reading

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My research in a cloud

Having just finished my dissertation proposal, and having seen @rOpenSci tweet a word cloud of their recently submitted Sloan Grant app I thought it would be cool to post a word cloud of my proposed research.

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Euler and the Seven Bridges of Königsberg

As I was told by Google, and reminded again by Bradley Alicea at Synthetic Daisies, April 15 was Leonhard Euler’s 309th birthday. While Euler is known for a great deal of spectacular mathematical work, I want to focus on one … Continue reading

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