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Wolves, moose, and genetics oh MY!

Science just published a news focus article titled: Are Isle Royale’s Wolves Chasing Extinction? This article is about how inbreeding (and perhaps climate change) is likely going to mean the decline and eventual extirpation of wolves on Isle Royale in … Continue reading

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Euler and the Seven Bridges of Königsberg

As I was told by Google, and reminded again by Bradley Alicea at Synthetic Daisies, April 15 was Leonhard Euler’s 309th birthday. While Euler is known for a great deal of spectacular mathematical work, I want to focus on one … Continue reading

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Pleistocene park in 4D – the rewilding

I recently went to see Jurassic Park in IMAX 3D and it was spectacular. Seeing this movie again (it has been a long time) now with my experience in ecology and evolutionary biology meant that I started noticing all the … Continue reading

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yo ho yo ho its a spineless life for me!

I want to draw some attention to a new blog started up by my friend and colleague Abigail Cahill. Abigail is an awesome marine ecologist/evolutionary biologist who is currently working with Crepidula. She has been thinking about blogging for a … Continue reading

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Back after a hiatus

Ok, so I am back after a hiatus that was a bit too long. I have been swamped with my latest project (which is unfortunately unrelated to most of my research) so my mind has not been on my own … Continue reading

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Plankton, fertilization, and a paradox…

So I was just reading over at Mostly Open Ocean about the recent iron fertilization “experiment” in the North Pacific. I did not know too much about it so I went looking for news articles (such as this one from … Continue reading

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When Networks Network – Science News

When Networks Network – Science News. This is an interesting article on a relatively new focus of network science. While a lot of research has been done on single networks, I think that it is important to now expand what … Continue reading

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