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data data everywhere, but not a web to analyze

For my dissertation research, I have been working on collecting any and all available datasets of ecological networks. My main interest has been on food webs, but I have also been searching for other network types (plant/pollinator, plant/seed disperser, parasite/host, … Continue reading

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Random walks in R

For some reason I thought it would be an interesting exercise in my programming skills to try and write code to generate random walks in a two-dimensional plane. Turns out this was not super hard, so I wound up having … Continue reading

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Models of food web evolution

The two major types of food web models are those that are static and phenomenological, and those that are dynamic. The first type includes models such as the cascade, niche and nested hierarchy models (I have talked about these models … Continue reading

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My research in a cloud

Having just finished my dissertation proposal, and having seen @rOpenSci tweet a word cloud of their recently submitted Sloan Grant app I thought it would be cool to post a word cloud of my proposed research.

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It is a tangled bank up there

Energy flows through the community from basal species to top predators. We envision this flow using food chains and webs illustrating the directionality of energy flow from basal organisms to top predators (see the humorous fish food chain below). Energy … Continue reading

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More food web plotting with R

Food web for Otago Harbor, NZ: One of the many things I have been trying to figure out is how to plot food webs in a manner that makes sense, using the igraph package in R, see here. I finally … Continue reading

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Moving on up… to three species

At this point I have been able to simulate two species predator-prey dynamics with and without density dependence. The next logical step is then to add another species, so that’s what I did. A quick note… The equations for the … Continue reading

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