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data data everywhere, but not a web to analyze

For my dissertation research, I have been working on collecting any and all available datasets of ecological networks. My main interest has been on food webs, but I have also been searching for other network types (plant/pollinator, plant/seed disperser, parasite/host, … Continue reading

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Network basics with R and igraph (part III of III)

In this third and final post in this little series of mine I want to bring it all together with my favorite kind of network, food webs. Thus I will be using a real food web to go over all … Continue reading

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It is a tangled bank up there

Energy flows through the community from basal species to top predators. We envision this flow using food chains and webs illustrating the directionality of energy flow from basal organisms to top predators (see the humorous fish food chain below). Energy … Continue reading

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Finding food webs… oh the parasites

Last week I somewhat randomly decided that I needed to start assembling a large amount of data. Specifically I was looking for food webs, either an interaction matrix or edgelist preferably in either Excel or .csv file formats (.txt is … Continue reading

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Food web plotting in R

The past few weeks I have been getting into R to play around with network analysis. Primarily I have been using the package igraph to generate and plot networks (random and downloaded from various datasets). So far it has been … Continue reading

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