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Linneaus’ wormy fish – Thursday Review

In this post, and others to come every Thursday I will choose a random paper from my stash of 1500 or so, read it and review it. Today’s paper is: Food web topology and parasites in the pelagic zone of … Continue reading

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data data everywhere, but not a web to analyze

For my dissertation research, I have been working on collecting any and all available datasets of ecological networks. My main interest has been on food webs, but I have also been searching for other network types (plant/pollinator, plant/seed disperser, parasite/host, … Continue reading

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Models of food web evolution

The two major types of food web models are those that are static and phenomenological, and those that are dynamic. The first type includes models such as the cascade, niche and nested hierarchy models (I have talked about these models … Continue reading

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Network basics with R and igraph (part III of III)

In this third and final post in this little series of mine I want to bring it all together with my favorite kind of network, food webs. Thus I will be using a real food web to go over all … Continue reading

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So tomorrow I will be taking my oral exam to defend my dissertation proposal. As I was looking over papers I was reminded of this quote in a paper by Cohen and Newman (Dynamic basis of food web organization): “In … Continue reading

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Oikos, food web methods, and PARASITES!

I was fairly excited today when I popped my Google Reader open and saw that there are two new early view papers up at Oikos about food webs. The first is a methodological paper that investigates the role that aggregating … Continue reading

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More food web plotting with R

Food web for Otago Harbor, NZ: One of the many things I have been trying to figure out is how to plot food webs in a manner that makes sense, using the igraph package in R, see here. I finally … Continue reading

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