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Network basics with R and igraph (part II of III)

The first part of this little series of posts went over a some basic network modeling and plotting tools. In this part I want to go over how to get some of the simple properties of these networks using two … Continue reading

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End of my first week in Seville

So I have now been visiting with the Bascompte Lab for about a week now. Jordi has been very helpful in discussing with me my research ideas and goals. He has also started to walk me through the basics of … Continue reading

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Are these the same or different? Part 2

How are networks compared in the literature? There are a number of methods out there that researchers use to compare networks. For the most part comparisons are being made between empirical and model networks. The most basic method available is … Continue reading

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Are these the same or different? Part 1

A major issue in the study of ecological networks is making comparisons between multiple empirical networks as well as between empirical and modeled networks. There are any number of network properties that can be used in comparing different networks including, … Continue reading

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