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data data everywhere, but not a web to analyze

For my dissertation research, I have been working on collecting any and all available datasets of ecological networks. My main interest has been on food webs, but I have also been searching for other network types (plant/pollinator, plant/seed disperser, parasite/host, … Continue reading

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Wolves, moose, and genetics oh MY!

Science just published a news focus article titled: Are Isle Royale’s Wolves Chasing Extinction? This article is about how inbreeding (and perhaps climate change) is likely going to mean the decline and eventual extirpation of wolves on Isle Royale in … Continue reading

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How long is too long?

This past weekend was our departmental retreat, where we all head out to a big old house for a whole day of short talks and good food. We also invite our prospective students to come so we can show off … Continue reading

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Stability and complexity in model ecosystems

Back in 1972 Robert May wrote a paper that sparked a litany of research on the relationship between the complexity of a community and its associated stability. Previously the reigning paradigm had been developed by ecologists such as Elton and … Continue reading

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Are these the same or different? Part 2

How are networks compared in the literature? There are a number of methods out there that researchers use to compare networks. For the most part comparisons are being made between empirical and model networks. The most basic method available is … Continue reading

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Are these the same or different? Part 1

A major issue in the study of ecological networks is making comparisons between multiple empirical networks as well as between empirical and modeled networks. There are any number of network properties that can be used in comparing different networks including, … Continue reading

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