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Linneaus’ wormy fish – Thursday Review

In this post, and others to come every Thursday I will choose a random paper from my stash of 1500 or so, read it and review it. Today’s paper is: Food web topology and parasites in the pelagic zone of … Continue reading

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The tangled disentangled tangle

In the most recent issue of Nature (Aug 22) there was a brief communication about a past article by James et al. (2012) entitled “Disentangling nestedness from models of ecological complexity.” The communication came from Saavedra and Stouffer who offered … Continue reading

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Models of food web evolution

The two major types of food web models are those that are static and phenomenological, and those that are dynamic. The first type includes models such as the cascade, niche and nested hierarchy models (I have talked about these models … Continue reading

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Are these the same or different? Part 2

How are networks compared in the literature? There are a number of methods out there that researchers use to compare networks. For the most part comparisons are being made between empirical and model networks. The most basic method available is … Continue reading

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