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Random walks in R

For some reason I thought it would be an interesting exercise in my programming skills to try and write code to generate random walks in a two-dimensional plane. Turns out this was not super hard, so I wound up having … Continue reading

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Models of food web evolution

The two major types of food web models are those that are static and phenomenological, and those that are dynamic. The first type includes models such as the cascade, niche and nested hierarchy models (I have talked about these models … Continue reading

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Second try… lets add some density dependence

First off let me show off an updated version of the model I showed last time using the altered time step suggestion from the comments: That looks much nicer from a visual perspective (although I understand that it isn’t actually … Continue reading

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This link is forbidden, but not because of your niche…

A new article was published this past month in PLoS ONE by Elsa Canard and colleagues about how neutral dynamics can shape the structure of trophic networks. They note that simply by assuming that species are interacting at random, and … Continue reading

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