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End of my first week in Seville

So I have now been visiting with the Bascompte Lab for about a week now. Jordi has been very helpful in discussing with me my research ideas and goals. He has also started to walk me through the basics of … Continue reading

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This link is forbidden, but not because of your niche…

A new article was published this past month in PLoS ONE by Elsa Canard and colleagues about how neutral dynamics can shape the structure of trophic networks. They note that simply by assuming that species are interacting at random, and … Continue reading

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Diffuse coevolution and the null model

The primary focus in ecological networks is on diffuse coevolution. The first issue is then to clarify what exactly is meant by that term. Strauss et al. (2005) have come up with three criteria, which have been modified from those … Continue reading

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