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Linneaus’ wormy fish – Thursday Review

In this post, and others to come every Thursday I will choose a random paper from my stash of 1500 or so, read it and review it. Today’s paper is: Food web topology and parasites in the pelagic zone of … Continue reading

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Network basics with R and igraph (part III of III)

In this third and final post in this little series of mine I want to bring it all together with my favorite kind of network, food webs. Thus I will be using a real food web to go over all … Continue reading

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Oikos, food web methods, and PARASITES!

I was fairly excited today when I popped my Google Reader open and saw that there are two new early view papers up at Oikos about food webs. The first is a methodological paper that investigates the role that aggregating … Continue reading

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Finding food webs… oh the parasites

Last week I somewhat randomly decided that I needed to start assembling a large amount of data. Specifically I was looking for food webs, either an interaction matrix or edgelist preferably in either Excel or .csv file formats (.txt is … Continue reading

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