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Elton’s footsteps – Thursday Review

In this post, and others to come every Thursday I will choose a random paper from my stash of 1500 or so, read it and review it. Today’s paper is: Stepping in Elton’s footprints: a general scaling model for body … Continue reading

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Wolves, moose, and genetics oh MY!

Science just published a news focus article titled: Are Isle Royale’s Wolves Chasing Extinction? This article is about how inbreeding (and perhaps climate change) is likely going to mean the decline and eventual extirpation of wolves on Isle Royale in … Continue reading

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Oikos, food web methods, and PARASITES!

I was fairly excited today when I popped my Google Reader open and saw that there are two new early view papers up at Oikos about food webs. The first is a methodological paper that investigates the role that aggregating … Continue reading

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It is a tangled bank up there

Energy flows through the community from basal species to top predators. We envision this flow using food chains and webs illustrating the directionality of energy flow from basal organisms to top predators (see the humorous fish food chain below). Energy … Continue reading

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Moving on up… to three species

At this point I have been able to simulate two species predator-prey dynamics with and without density dependence. The next logical step is then to add another species, so that’s what I did. A quick note… The equations for the … Continue reading

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Second try… lets add some density dependence

First off let me show off an updated version of the model I showed last time using the altered time step suggestion from the comments: That looks much nicer from a visual perspective (although I understand that it isn’t actually … Continue reading

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Two species predator prey systems with R

It has taken me entirely too long to learn how to use R to solve differential equations. Clearly, with my interest in modelling dynamics on food webs, being able to solve differential equations is critical. I had known about the … Continue reading

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