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writeLaTex for collaboration

I recently began a project that will have a large number of contributing authors, the result of a review of the proceedings of a workshop I recently attended (more on that later). Most of the other participants (think a lot … Continue reading

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data data everywhere, but not a web to analyze

For my dissertation research, I have been working on collecting any and all available datasets of ecological networks. My main interest has been on food webs, but I have also been searching for other network types (plant/pollinator, plant/seed disperser, parasite/host, … Continue reading

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#swc Reflecting on my first bootcamp

This week, I was asked to help out with one of Software Carpentry‘s bootcamps at NYU. If you are a twitter follower I encourage you to check out the stream of #swc tweets that went out over the past couple … Continue reading

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New section on the blog

Due to the popularity of my posts about the basics of networks using R and the igraph package (and some others), I decided it may be a good idea to post them all in one location (as their own page). … Continue reading

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Moving on up… to three species

At this point I have been able to simulate two species predator-prey dynamics with and without density dependence. The next logical step is then to add another species, so that’s what I did. A quick note… The equations for the … Continue reading

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LeaRning R – Chapter 1 done

I liked the first chapter of Ecological Models and Data in R. Most of it was not really relevant to what I am hoping to get out of the book, but then again it is just the introductory chapter. I … Continue reading

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A brief query for those who know more than I…

As I am visiting with the Bascompte Lab in Seville I find that I am truly just starting to appreciate what it means to begin to enter the world of using network tools to study ecological systems. While I have … Continue reading

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