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So tomorrow I will be taking my oral exam to defend my dissertation proposal. As I was looking over papers I was reminded of this quote in a paper by Cohen and Newman (Dynamic basis of food web organization): “In … Continue reading

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Climate change, history, and stability of plant-pollinator networks [UPDATED]

A paper came out today in Ecography titled: “Historical climate-change influences modularity and nestedness of pollination networks.” The authors were interested in how past climate change (over the Quaternary) impacted the structure of plant-pollinator networks observed today. Specifically they were … Continue reading

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Testing qualitative stability

So, we have a major question in ecology; “what is the relationship between diversity/complexity and stability.” And we have data on diversity and complexity, but how can we assess the stability of a system without numbers to fill in the … Continue reading

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Stability and complexity in model ecosystems

Back in 1972 Robert May wrote a paper that sparked a litany of research on the relationship between the complexity of a community and its associated stability. Previously the reigning paradigm had been developed by ecologists such as Elton and … Continue reading

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