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End of my first week in Seville

So I have now been visiting with the Bascompte Lab for about a week now. Jordi has been very helpful in discussing with me my research ideas and goals. He has also started to walk me through the basics of … Continue reading

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Plankton, fertilization, and a paradox…

So I was just reading over at Mostly Open Ocean about the recent iron fertilization “experiment” in the North Pacific. I did not know too much about it so I went looking for news articles (such as this one from … Continue reading

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Stability and complexity in model ecosystems

Back in 1972 Robert May wrote a paper that sparked a litany of research on the relationship between the complexity of a community and its associated stability. Previously the reigning paradigm had been developed by ecologists such as Elton and … Continue reading

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Eureka what a great idea! oh wait…

As I begin my academic career I find myself in a state of constantly reading papers. Of course, having a broad interest (often considered a good thing in academics) I always enjoy reading new papers that I find. The downside … Continue reading

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